Kayla Briët is a 19 year old self-taught filmmaker, composer, musician, performerand media producer.

Her short films have taken her to the White House for the 2014 First-Ever White House Film Festival, where she was invited to meet President Barack Obama, Bill Nye, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, as well as to New York, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles for awards and film festival screenings. She was honored with a front-page feature on the OC Register as the 2014 Film Artist of the Year (OC Varsity Arts), and her work in science/educational media has been awarded by organizations such as ProjectEd, American Chemical Society, and FASEB.

Recently, she was named a 2015 Future of Storytelling Fellow, 2016 National Young Arts Finalist in the Cinematic Arts, and a 2016 Sundance Ignite Fellow.

As a multi-instrumentalist and self-taught composer, Briët scores her own films and creates music in styles ranging from cinematic to alt. pop and electronic. You can catch her performing live on stage as a one-woman band, armed with a keyboard, guitar, guzheng zither, and loop pedal as she creates evocative music with personal, empowering, and resonant lyrics. [click to see more]

An avid lover of learning and fusing science and the arts, she is currently pursuing computer science and interactive forms of storytelling both independently and at Fullerton College and works there as a Robotics and Engage in STEM Intern. She has been invited to speak in front of audiences of all ages including Girls Who Code LA, Arts at the Center of 21st Century Education Conference, and several junior high and high schools in Southern California. By using her voice, she continues to battle the stigma against community college education. 

Her biggest passion and goal is to inspire self-worth and self-confidence in others and make a positive impact in the realm of education and the arts.

"It doesn't matter where you go. It's what you do."

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